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Our story began with two renowned hairdressers, members of a prestigious salon in São Paulo, who felt the same desire to create a Brazilian cosmetic brand for hair products that could be as good as international brands they usually use. These hairdressers joined a group of passionate friends in Brazil and together they created the company Neuf Cosmétique and the brand called LOF Professional: contemporary, sophisticated, and simple at the same time, LOF is focused on offering high performance products. LOF Professional, a brand with purpose, respects the environment, embraces social causes; and is also concerned with valuing suppliers and partners.

LOF Professional was born to motivate self-loved people, and to make the world we live a better place to be in. We believe LOF Professional exists so that anyone can take care of your hair using high quality products. Come share with us the care of making everything more beautiful and healthier for your body, for other people, for the planet, and for your hair.

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Products Nutritive


Developed for all types of hair, the Nutritive Line is gentle on the strands. Made with Panthenol, Amino Acids and Nutritive Herbal Complex, composed of açaí berry, acerola cherry and grape, it repairs and nourishes hair, making it healthy, silky and shiny. Salt, Sulfate and Paraben free.


Balanced cleaning for daily care.


Moisturizes and nourishes.

Booster Nutritive

Semi di lino ampoule. Antioxidant, frizz reduction and volume control.


The Repair Line was developed to repair and treat damaged and colored hair, gently taking care of the strands while protecting and moisturizing them. Made with Herbal Complex composed of Cupuaçu, Mango and Passion Fruit extracts, Amino Acids, Rice Protein and Panthenol to protect hair. It makes hair silky and stronger. Salt, Sulfate and Paraben free.


Cleans, moisturizes and restores shine.


Antioxidant, repairs and moisturizes.

booster nutritive

A lipid replenishing liquid mask that seals cuticles and reduces frizz.

Products Step 1 & Step 2 Reconstruction
Products Wavy


Developed for curly hair, the Wavy line is gentle on the strands. Made with Coconut and Jojoba oil and Tucumã, Karité and Cupuaçu butter, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes, reducing frizz and making your curls soft, light and bouncy.


Balanced cleansing for curly hair


For detangled, soft and bouncy curls.

Booster wavy

For nourished, moist, silky and shiny curls.

Curls Activator

Activates, enhances, shapes and defines curls


The Purifying vegan line is cruelty-free as well as free of salt, sulfate, silicon, dye, petrolatum, paraben and raw materials of animal origin. Made with Panthenol and Herbal and Floral Extracts of Ylang Ylang, Cassis, Lotus Flower and Jasmine. It provides revitalizing and conditioning action, resulting in greater malleability and shine.


Cleans, purifies, revitalizes and conditions.


Purifying Vegan Balm. Moisturizes and nourishes.

Products Purifying
Products Chroma


Cream coloring line that colors white hair, does not fade quickly, protects the strands preventing them from becoming dry and does not irritate the scalp, eyes and contact area. It has 3 treatment active ingredients that help protect and treat damaged hair.

Brand Chroma

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